AK-Centralen’s clients have the following advantages

AK-Centralen requires no investments

  • If the store has communication out-of-house, no investment is needed to use AK-Centralen’s services.
  • Using advanced programmes and protocols at AK-Centralen, we optimise the equipment which the client has chosen to buy for operating REFRIGERATION and FREEZING.

AK-Centralen is a management model

  • We work on the authority of the client with operational optimisation (service and energy) of refrigeration and freezing.
  • We submit management reports to create overview and build on knowledge and not belief.
  • We take responsibility for all agreed occurrences (alarms) and add value by analysis to each occurrence.

AK-Centralen is quality assurance

  • We ensure the correct and only necessary measures in order to comply with the temperature quality specified by management.

AK-Centralen entails income – not expense!

  • We ensure that costs for service are only incurred for incidents that cannot be handled without a service person.
    We save on service visits.
  • We ensure via a master control that all parameters in the chain’s refrigerating/freezing facility are optimal and according to agreement. We assist in adjusting the parameters for optimum energy consumption.
    We save on energy.
  • By ensuring temperature quality and procedure, we ensure against break downs and scrapping.
    We reduce product loss.

Initially, no investment is required on the part of the client
in order to come to an agreement on AK-Centralen's services

Temperature quality

Constant surveillance and fast reaction ensure correct temperatures round the clock. The quality of the refrigerated goods is constantly kept at its best as is customer satisfaction.
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Big savings are achieved by optimal temperatures in the various refrigerated units, also product waste is minimised by constant monitoring - which can be documented!
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sensors are monitored 24/7 all year round


MW is saved annually