AK-Centralens Referencer

We at AK-Centralen are proud of our clients who represent a significant part of the Danish retail sector.


Coop has been a client at AK-Centralen since 1996. The cooperation with AK-Centralen today comprises all brands Fakta, Super Brugsen, Kvickly, Irma and Daglig Brugsen. Coop has been in an ongoing process with AK-Centralen since the beginning and more than 600 stores all over the country have been optimised.

Establishment Manager, Sune Jakobsen, Coop says:

“Trust is good, but control is better.
AK-Centralen is a prioritised supplier and cooperation partner for Coop. By this I mean that we help each other professionally in complying with current legislation and ensuring controlled monitored food safety. A clear ‘win’ situation for the customer, the store and Coop.”

Director Palle Jørgensen, Kvickly Helsinge says:

“AK-Centralen is a professional cooperation partner that ensures safety and optimal temperature quality as well as saving on unnecessary service visits.”


“At Netto it is important for us that our customers have a good shopping experience and it has been of great importance to Netto that we have been able to extend the high level of monitoring quality which characterises the stores in Denmark to our stores in other countries.

Netto Denmark has been working with AK-Centralen since 2002 and this cooperation has now been extended to our stores in Sweden, where Swedish refrigeration/freezer experts serve our 150 Netto stores from AK-Centralen in Gothenburg.

The significance of our cooperation with AK-Centralen can be seen in the fact that we have also started cooperation with AK-Centralen in Netto England towards the end of 2014.”

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