AK-Centralen offers surveillance of refrigerating units and cold storage rooms in stores and institutions that always need to be able to comply with the requirements for temperature quality from the food safety authorities.

Alarm handling
If there is a temperature problem in a store, AK-Centralen can troubleshoot and may be able to solve problems in the individual unit via remote connection from AK-Centralen to the store's regulating equipment.

Service Calls
AK-Centralen can ensure correct service ordering on behalf of clients by specifying important data to the clients' service partners, so the problem is solved as quickly as possible without unnecessary waste of time.

AK-Centralen offers energy optimisation for lighting, electricity, water and heating installations in cooperation with clients.

  • Ensure temperature quality based on client specific control data
  • Minimise service costs for clients by structured alarm handling
  • Qualified service ordering with specification of process data in an error situation
  • Energy optimisation in cooperation with clients
  • Statistical data for clients' use
  • LOG-collections of clients' vital data
  • Secure operation of communication to customers' peripheral installations via VPN connection, technical LAN
  • Monitoring of CTS-installations (ventilation, lighting, electricity, water, heating)

Refrigeration/freezer monitoring gives a complete
overview from installation to chain level

Surveillance and Technology

Monitoring all cooling and freezing installations in the store via manned surveillance system - round the clock - every day of the week - all year round - 24/7/365.
Read more about surveillance and the technology behind it.

Alarms and alarm handling

Error reports are handled at our day-and-night manned alarm centre. Problems are solved via remote control, with the assistance of the store staff or by calling in service personnel.
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stores are monitored 24/7 all year round


alarms handled annually