Systematised refrigeration/freezer monitoring gives a complete overview from installation to chain level

AK-Centralen works solely in the interest of the client and on the client’s authorisation. AK-Centralen makes decisions based on knowledge and evidence.

optimering af butik

As a customer with AK-Centralen you get:

  • Savings on service costs
  • Assurance of product quality
  • Reduction of product waste
  • Savings on energy costs

Big savings at reduced service costs

For a typical chain/client AK-Centralen will be able to reduce the number of service calls by 25-35% during the first 24 months – depending on which procedure the client/chain has had.

AK-Centralen handles all agreed occurrences (alarms) individually and with personal and professional analysis. This ensures that service (costs) is only activated for the occurrences/alarms for which the client’s quality policy dictates that costs are to be activated.


Assurance of product quality and savings by reducing product waste

AK-Centralen’s services are based on common sense assessed by people with strong tools.

Product loss due to breakdown of installations or lack of action in cases of excess temperatures are significantly reduced by AK-Centralen’s process handling resulting in increased customer satisfaction.


Big savings on energy costs

Ongoing analyses, parameter control and technical analyses ensure optimal utilisation of the equipment installed by the client.

FAT tests ensure that all stores and parameters are adjusted as required and that all options are continuously utilised resulting in energy and CO2 savings.

In chains/stores where there has been a history of energy registration, the savings from AK-Centralen’s procedure has not been below 15% and the average saving is 23-28%, depending on the chain’s/client’s previous optimisation level.



AK-Centralen optimises

More than



With over


ventilator motors

And saves over


MW annually